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Jestro In my style by GiNoLoVeSsKiTtLeS
Jestro In my style
This is how I'm gonna animate Jestro in Corrupt heart hope u like it :)
The Thoughts of Logan Pursian by GiNoLoVeSsKiTtLeS
The Thoughts of Logan Pursian
This is gonna be mainly side story's of Logan Pursian a charecter from a story that I am writeing and as well one that I plan to publish. This is Just a Poster I guess you could say or even just a thumbnail. But I am almost done with the first one and I will post it to DA when it is done! Hope you guys like it anyways also his shadows around his eyes I feel like I could have done better on them but Oh well it was my first time doing that kind of effect. 

“Dakota?...Dakooooota? Dakota Wake up!”

Dakota Turned her head away from Brownie not wanting to get up.

“Dakota It’s time to get up”!

Dakota opened her eyes slowly squinting her eyes at the light that filled the room. Her Brown and Blue eyes then Met Brownies Spiral ones and he giggled a little.

“Today we're gonna have so much fun! The others said that we could all hang out today! We could get Ice cream! We could Draw! We could Watch movies! We could Play games! Eat more Ice cream! Watch more movies! Eat more ice cream! And draw more”!

Dakota giggled quietly Still a little sleepy but she slowly stood up off the bed while Brownie was still ranting on about what they were gonna do today.

“That sounds like fun Brownie Just let me get dressed”

“Ok! I’m waiting for the others to get dressed as well! I'm gonna make breakfast! What should we have! Ooh!!! Could we have Ice cream for breakfast! I Love ice cream! We could have all kinds of flavors! Vanilla, Strawberry,Mint,Chocolate!”

“Why don’t you choose brownie I'm sure everyone would like it”

“Ok! I’ll wait for you guys downstairs”!

And with that Brownie walked off almost skipping from how happy he was.

Once everyone came downstairs Brownie jumped up off the couch having his frowning face go into a wide smile.

“Yay!!! Now we could have fun haha!”

Marble smiled at brownies excitement he knew that he had been waiting for a day like this when they could all hang out together. Everyone then took there seats grabbing what they wanted out of the options Brownie had gave them. When Brownie had said that he wanted Ice Cream for breakfast he really did mean it. He had set out all kinds of flavors and lots of toppings. He had even Made a Huge amount of hot chocolate that would probably last no more than a week from how much of it they all drank.

“Thank you for the Ice cream breakfast Brownie”

Yang giggled

“Your welcome haha!”

“So what did You have planned out for us today”?

Yin then asked and Brownie had seemed to almost Jump up and Down out of his seat.

“Well...I wanted to go watch a movie with you guys! And after the movie we could get Ice cream! Then we could go to the park! Then we could come back home and Draw! Then we could watch a movie again! Then we could  draw some more! And after Were done we could have a sleepover In my room”!

Everyone exchanged glances with each other from the last idea knowing what it was like in Brownies room. No one would even be able to get around without stepping on something.

“How about we Have the sleepover in the Living room”

Marble suggested and Brownie Nodded


Once everyone had finished their ice cream they started their day with each other and if they all had to be honest...It was probably one of the best days they had with each other.

Once They all got home from their fun day they all got into their pajamas and Came downstairs to the living room with their Blankets and Pillows. Brownie was already downstairs with his stuff watching willy wonka and Singing along to one of the songs.

“Willy wonka! Willy wonka! He’s the one you're about to meet! Willy wonka willy wonka”!

Dakota giggled at this and sat down next to him watching the movie with him.

“UGH! This song is so annoying”!

Odio complained

“Just Ignore it then”

Meido said quietly but loud enough for Odio to hear.

“I can’t Ignore it when Brownie is singing along”!

“Well I'm sure it’s almost over”

“UGH! It’s taking sooooo long”!

Marble rolled his eyes at how Odio was acting but then again at least he wasn’t fighting with Brownie. Once the movie was over Yin and Yang had already Fallen asleep and Brownie giggled a little.

“Never pass out...When there's markers about”!

“Dude If you do it There gonna be Madder than Odio”

Dakota warned him


Odio then said as he realized what Dakota Said. She giggled a little looking over at Odio.


Odio rolled his eyes and grabbed the remote Looking for Another movie.

“Haha You're right though”

Brownie added

“Meh meh meh meh meh”

Odio mocked

“Could we watch that movie”?

Meido asked in his soft voice and Odio looked at him and smiled.

“Witch one”?

“The emperor's new groove”


Odio said kindly as he put the movie on sure he could be really grouchy but he did have a soft side and Meido was one of the few people that was on it.

“Yay! I love this Movie”!

Brownie Said in his happy voice

The five friends continued to watch the movie together each one falling asleep one by one. Meido ended up falling asleep next to Odio Marble fell asleep On the couch and Dakota and Brownie were the last two to go to sleep. Once the movie finished the two went to sleep. It was probably one Best days the group had.

Mircuol by GiNoLoVeSsKiTtLeS
so i just saw the new design for mircuol and DAMN He doesnt look dat bad I MEAN........ Anyways I wanted to draw him he is :)

Mircuol does NOT Belong to me the creator of him is Everything4ngirl


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